Sending an Email in Zendesk


Since Zendesk isn’t an email client or an email marketing solution, they don’t support outbound email unrelated to tickets; that being said, you can certainly create tickets on a user’s behalf and they’ll get the ‘we’ve received your request’ email that you created, containing the content of that ticket. While it would be nice to simply be able to send an email within Zendesk without the use of triggers, I believe this workaround satisfies the intended operation.

So, I have created a trigger that only applies to agent-created tickets, which will add the tag ‘agentCreated’ as well as email the requester; with this new trigger, sending an email via Zendesk is pretty simple.


Just add the email address of the person you wish to send the email to in the requester field. After submitting the ticket, an email will be sent to that person containing your message. I have also edited our ‘notify requester of received response’ to exclude the tag ‘agentCreated’ to avoid any overlap.


With any new trigger creation/modification, it is vital to ensure that the changes do not impact any existing trigger or automation. With this trigger, I was worried that customers would receive two separate emails; one containing the “we have received your ticket’ and the other containing the original message. However, through initial testing, I found that since I added the ‘include and exclude the tag, agentCreated’, there seem to be no problems.

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