Review: VAVA-Voom! The VAVA Wireless LED Night Light


As my wife and I are nearing our baby boy’s due date, we are hard at work preparing his bedroom for the big day. After spending countless hours putting together furniture, ordering clothes, and child-proofing the house, we are quickly narrowing down our to-do lists. Over the weekend, my wife and I babysat my nephew, and I discovered a potential problem while walking in the dark to see how he was doing: proper lighting to avoid the many obstacles in the way to the baby room.

When the baby arrives, my wife and I will be running back and forth between rooms for diaper changes, feeding, and my expected frantic trips to ensure his heart is still beating (stressed much?) So, we needed a way to illuminate the dark hallways with some form of a portable night light. After some research, we came across the VAVA Wireless LED Night Light and decided to order it. Here are our thoughts on this little device.


Night lights are used for many different reasons and not just for children’s’ rooms, such as illuminating doorways and bathrooms. When it comes to night lights, many first think of a small device that plugs into the wall. VAVA challenges how we perceive night lights by removing the cord and adding the ability to change the color and intensity of the light emitted.

While there are several products offered by VAVA, we chose this model because of the many features listed below:

Expression Stickers: The 20 adorable, stick-on facial expressions included with the lamp transform this device into a customizable toy for your child. As many children can be scared of the dark, providing them a way to fight the spooky shadows in their room with a portable night light that smiles at them is a great way to put them at ease.

Adjustable LED: The energy-efficient and eye-caring LED offers many brightness settings that can be adjusted to suit both the situation and environment. Also, the color is changeable between cool and warm white so one can use the brighter setting and color to walk through the house and then use the warmer color and brightness in the bedroom.

Simple Controls: The controls are easy to use and somewhat enjoyable (as much as a night light can be). Merely tap the top of the device to dim the brightness and touch the logo to adjust the light color. To turn the light off, a quick double tap of the top of the device does the trick; these controls are far more comfortable for a child to understand than using a smart device as a controller and much safer than having the child plug the night light into a wall outlet.

Long Battery Life, Rechargeable: The device lasts up to 80 hours on weak light mode and is rechargeable: this light will have plenty of battery power to provide the safety of illumination all night, as well as limit the already extensive number of AA batteries you will have to buy for your child’s toys (always a good thing!)

Portable, Waterproof: This device’s portable, durable, and waterproof design means you can bring it with you into the bathroom, on camping trips, as well as survive the many potential drops, spills, and mishaps that it will undoubtedly be subjected to.

Price: This night light costs only $19.99 on Amazon, making it an ideal candidate for your home illumination needs. 

Summary: While there are more advanced night lights on the market, such as smart device-controlled and Amazon Alexa enabled devices, I do not see many benefits of having a night light connected to the internet (for now). Possibly later, I will try out one of the more expensive devices to see if their features are worth the hefty price tag.

Overall, we are delighted with the VAVA Night Light; even without the baby arriving yet, it has saved me from many stubbed toes during my nighttime trips to the kitchen (don’t judge me). For more information on this product, check out their website here.


AVA. (2019). “VAVA Night Light for Kids.” Retrieved from

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