Baby Tech- Review: Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper (Premier Series)


With my baby boy on the way and love for technology, coming home to a massive pile of boxes at my front door is an everyday occurrence. After watching several ‘newborn must have’ videos on YouTube, carefully researching specs, and reading reviews, my wife Zoë and I have been very interested in the Halo Bassinest. After much deliberation, we recently decided to go ahead and purchase the Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper (Premier Series) and wanted to share our thoughts on the product.

Zoë’s Thoughts 

First, here are a few reasons that Zoë decided to choose this piece of baby tech.

  • Increases accessibility to the baby without true co-sleeping: she is pro-whatever sleeping situation works for each family, but her first child would get annoyed when she touched her while she was trying to sleep, so co-sleeping wasn’t necessarily an option. While sleeping close to the baby can reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), a bassinet can be a safer alternative than having the baby in your bed, especially if you are frequently nursing or the baby needs to be comforted often.
  • Its features go above and beyond standard bassinets, such as its 360-degree swivel, lowering and locking side wall, see-through and breathable mesh sides, two levels of vibration settings, several music and white-noise options, subtle night-light to check in on baby without having to turn on a lamp that might wake the entire family, mesh pouches on either end of the bassinet for easy storage (diapers, wipes, pacifiers), adjustable height, and its sturdy construction.
  • Great value for the cost. Halo carries four different products in the series, ranging from $219.99 to $329.99, and have a variety of features for whatever your baby’s needs might be.
  • Not just limited to the bedroom; there is a lightweight, portable stand available for $49.99, so you can pick up the Bassinest and move it to other rooms. They also carry other sleep-related products, such as sleeper sacks and swaddles.

Will’s Thoughts

Next, here are a few thoughts I have about the product.

  • The materials used in the Halo Bassinest’s construction are as durable as they are lightweight. While weighing 28 lbs., the Bassinest can be moved with ease, yet is strong enough to withstand an extensive amount of force.
  • Tech! This bassinet has truly been modernized. By using the multiple easy-to-reach buttons, you can control vibrations (with various settings), soothing sounds (3), lullabies (3), a back-to-bed reminder, lights, and a helpful 30-minute auto-shutoff. As a troubled sleeper myself and through my military experiences, I find sleeping with noise or outside movements/vibrations (such as in the car) much more comforting than in a quiet, stationary environment (I think our child will agree).
  • I am not a small man, nor am I a calm sleeper. For these reasons, one of my greatest fears is rolling over on our baby in the night. With the Halo Bassinest, I know that my baby is safely away from my frequently restless legs and sudden position changes.
  • For some reason, I predict our child will be somewhat messy (I know I was), so, the Halo Bassinest’s removable and washable cover is greatly appreciated.
  • Like all devices I own, the desire to modify them is strong. After assembling the Bassinest, I began to think of additional features I could add and methods to advance the existing ones. For example, the light could use an upgrade depending on the characteristics/age of the child (bright L.E.D. for diaper changes, soft light/possibly a different color for nighttime). Furthermore, while the three songs and lullabies are cute enough, I am sure you could integrate the Bassinest’s speaker with a child monitor so you could speak to your child from the other room or play different songs. A pressure sensor would be pretty neat as well and provide a bit more comfort for the parents. I know, this all sounds a bit much for a product that we will only use for a few months, but that is just how I am wired.


Overall, we both found the Halo Bassinet Swivel Sleeper (Premier Series) Bedside Bassinest to be highly advanced, well-built, and more than suitable to have one of the most important jobs there is, holding and protecting our little man. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a great and safe way to sleep as near as they can to their baby, while still giving them the space and security they require.


Content and Image by Halo Sleep. (2019). HALO® Bassinest™ Swivel Sleeper Premiere Series. Retrieved from

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