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Happy Holidays!

freestocks-org-487556-unsplash.jpgWe at Will’s IT News wish you Happy Holidays. For many, the Holidays are a time to reflect on what is special in our life, spend time with our friends and family, prepare for the changes we wish to make in the new year, and most importantly, receive many anticipated and wonderful gifts (socks). In my youth, the holidays were a significant influence on my love for technology; every year I would add new tech experiences with video games, computer parts, or devices.

Christmas would be filled with opening presents, secretly reading the manual of my new video game at the dinner table, eating until I passed out, and attempting to install new PC components into my various rigs. Since my birthday is within two weeks of Christmas as well, this time of the year was integral in my journey into turning my love of technology from a hobby, into a career.

For a small glimpse into the beginning of my passion for all things tech, here is my reaction to getting a Nintendo 64.


I hope your holidays are filled with joy, love, and that sweet sound of removing the protective coating on new devices and computer parts. Have fun and remember, no matter how excited you are about a new component for your PC, take your time installing it!

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