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What is Google Customer Reviews?

Google Customer Reviews is a free program that enables businesses to gather feedback from customers who buy items on their website. Customer Reviews is a replacement for Google’s former ‘Trusted Stores’ program (shut down in April 2017). Ratings from Google Customer Reviews impact a business’s Seller Ratings eligibility, which in turn augments a company’s Search Ads and Shopping Ads through Google.

How this works

When customers purchase a product on your website, they’re offered an option to receive an email requesting feedback regarding their shopping experience. The ratings generated from these emails are then displayed on an optional Google Customer Reviews badge, allowing greater visibility of your customer service abilities, whether you have complicated or straightforward website navigation, or how they feel about the product they received; this badge displays your business’s seller rating (1-5 stars). Additionally, an optional survey can be sent to customers featuring a short questionnaire concerning their shopping experience.

How to do it

As long as you already have access to the Merchant Center, log in as an Admin user and enable Google Customer Reviews, located in the Merchant Center Programs section (3-dot icon). Next, merely select enable, and follow the steps to include the Google Customer Reviews program to your website.

Uploading your reviews

Now comes the tricky part; uploading your review feed through your Merchant Account. Before attempting this, it is essential to know that you must have at least 50 reviews across all of your products, submit an interest form, and go through the onboarding process.

You can upload your reviews using various methods.

Merchant Account- XML

You can upload Product Ratings feeds directly in your Merchant Center account through an XML file. For more information, check out the following links: about feed specifications and upload a Product Ratings feed.

For reviews that happen to be in an Excel file, converting the data from Excel to XML is quite simple using tools such as the XML Tools Add-in.

Once this is completed, you can use Google’s editing tool, http://xml.editey.com/, to correctly match Google’s required schema; this is by far the most challenging part (I wanted to throw my keyboard against the wall).

Third-Party Reviews Aggregator 

You can also work with approved third-party reviews aggregators to have Google fetch reviews from the aggregator (only available to Google’s Shopping merchants). Here are just a few of the companies that provide these services:




While the process of setting up and uploading Google Product Reviews can be problematic, it is highly recommended for many reasons. Per Google, its search engine had a worldwide market share of 86% in July 2018 (Statista, 2018). By using Google’s immense reach and powerful review tools, your company can showcase how well your website performs, how quick orders are sent out, and how effective your customer service is; customers can then view this information through your store’s rating (or badge) and be enticed to purchase your products. Performance, visibility, accountability, and speed are what e-commerce businesses in the future demand and your online store (no matter the size) should as well. Hope this helps.


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