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Lately, I have been expanding my social media accounts to include my website’s content and increase its reach; as I just used a (#) hashtag for the first time the other day, I would say my necessity for learning how all of this works is well overdue.

After some research and many hours of trying to figure out how to share my almost 280 articles to various social media networks, I began to wonder if there was a simpler approach to accomplish this. With technology the way it is today, there must be an app designed to perform this difficult task, right? Well, right before I decided to give up, I stumbled across my savior, Tailwind.

Tailwind is an all-in-one Pinterest and Instagram scheduling application. By enabling bulk image uploads, Pin looping, saved hashtag lists, multi-board pinning, and a useful drag-and-drop calendar, I can now share my posts with the virtual world using methods I had previously not known about or had the time for. Not only does Tailwind make scheduling and uploading posts easier, it automatically optimizes your Instagram and Pinterest schedules based on when your specific audience is the most active.

As a lover of metrics and analytics, I expect any application I use for marketing and web content to provide advanced and thorough insights and data that can tell me where I need to improve, keep track of rising trends, and understand what my downfalls are. Tailwind provides me with information on how each post is doing, who it reaches, and suggests optimized hashtags based on my content.

I absolutely love being able to schedule a large number of posts as who knows what my workload will be on a specific day. Now, instead of posting each one of my blog entries to various social media networks, I just get a text message to publish an already scheduled entry, quickly copy the hashtag list I have saved, and share to Instagram or Pinterest; this can be done in a matter of seconds and doesn’t require me to even be at my computer.

Another fascinating aspect of Tailwind is its browser extension. As I come across images I am fond of on the internet or one of my own, I can effortlessly hover over it and a Tailwind icon appears, asking me if I wish to schedule it. After clicking on the icon, writing a quick title, and either adding hashtags or choosing a board to Pin it to, I have my next scheduled post in a fraction of the time it would have taken me to do it on my own.

I have only used the free trial so far with a limit on how many posts I can schedule; up to 100 Pinterest Pins or 30 Instagram Posts. There is no time limit of the trial; you merely have it until you reach your limit. The Plus plan is $9.99 a month, billed annually, and gives you access to unlimited scheduling, multi-account capability, and much more. There is also a Professional and Enterprise plan, but as the Professional plan starts at $799.99 a month and adds features I would never need, I think the Plus plan will be sufficient once my trial has ended.

While this review seems a tad one-sided, I honestly have no complaints so far with Tailwind. Feel free to check it out (for free) at the link below.


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