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2019- Tech Predictions


Like every new year, rising trends and advances in technology change and adapt to the growing needs of consumers and industries alike. While predicting the future is never set in stone, the following information is comprised of data I have found while researching numerous topics for use at work or with my website. Knowing what to expect in the future is vital for an IT professional since everything changes so quickly. So, here are just a few of my ideas of what we can expect in the world of information technology in 2019.


While industries around the world steadily navigate towards automation of their current and future operations, we are in the cusp of a dramatic technological revolution. Machine learning, AI, and advanced robotics are set to streamline how products are made in factories, how we get to and from work, and even how farmers tend their crops. With this incline of automation, I believe that cyber attacks will find a new area of use. While ransomware attacks have been in the news this year devastating the digital assets of a company, these forms of events operate mainly in the digital world with digital assets. However, what happens when these attacks turn their focus on the real world? A cyber attack on an automated production facility, for example, could cripple or shut down business operations entirely. I believe this form of attack will skyrocket this coming year, thus increasing the need for in-house cybersecurity professionals.

Changes to the Hiring Process of Tech Careers

As many are already noticing in the tech field, having a college degree is becoming less valuable every year. Instead, companies are looking for skill gained in non-traditional manners. Coding boot camps, for example, prep an individual to excel at what a company is requiring, not merely loading them with a ton of unrelated material needed for a specific job. I believe that in 2019, we will see a drastic rise in employers eliminating college degree requirements and instead, issuing coding tests, multiple thorough interviews, and other forms of testing.

New Standard Business Model- The Online Marketplace

While it may be sad to see SMB owners fight to stay alive in the war against online retailers such as Amazon, in 2019, the war will soon come to an end. Even larger companies such as Toys “R” Us and Sears are having difficulty competing with online retailers, and this trend will continue to grow. Although many businesses are attempting to innovate and adapt their current business models, I fear that it won’t be enough to stay present in the always changing digital world.


Speaking of Amazon, a company who has already grasped a significant portion of many markets, are now aiming their sights at the grocery, healthcare, and banking industries. For the new year, I believe their next logical step will be to get involved with local services. Anything from handymen, plumbers, and house cleaners, can be benefited from Amazon’s massive customer base. The system would also share a centralized network for rating these local businesses and provide them with all of the advertising and marketing they would ever need. Instead of reducing the business that these small companies have by creating Amazon’s own services, I believe they would simply hire them to work as their sub-contractors, so to speak, if they pass a complicated selection process.

Wi-Fi Attacks

As the IoT grows, the number of devices such as wearables (smartwatches), IP-enabled video equipment, and sensors will increase in the workplace, all connected through Wi-Fi. With this rise, it is important to note how little many IT professionals know about protecting these devices and what to do if there is a cyber attack. There have been several of these forms of attacks in the news as of late, ranging from hackable cardiac devices to vulnerable baby heart monitors. Since there will be over 25 billion IoT devices in 2019, the chances for botnets to infiltrate unsecured devices using default names and passwords, and then use them to initiate attacks is quite alarming. Back in 2016, the Mirai Botnet (Dyn Attack), led to many portions of the internet to go down, including Twitter and Netflix: this attack was executed with devices such as cameras and DVR players.

Cloud vs. Hardware

While cloud computing’s popularity is indeed growing, I believe that many companies’ hardware budgets will not change for some time. The percentage of IT budgets regarding hardware will rise next year, even with the implementation of cloud services. I believe desktop computers will still reign supreme in the workplace as well, mainly due to their durability and ease of upgrading. However, I think the next challenge in 2019 is proper cloud management. With hybrid and multi-cloud environments, many businesses offer dashboards to help navigate and operate each one, but no real, effective manner of combining them in a single easy-to-use operation; this will be very complicated as cloud providers typically do not use the same APIs.


I could go on and on writing about an extensive list of thoughts I have going into the new year, but it would probably not be complete until after the new year has actually ended. 2019 has set the stage for expansive growth and evolution of technology in many industries, the question now is, are we prepared for the transition?

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