My Favorite Work-Related Apps/Websites


Here is a collection of work-related apps and websites that I use on a daily basis; they are valuable items in any IT professional’s toolbelt.

GIMP GNU Image Manipulation Program I use this program every day. It is a free and open source image editor, supporting multiple platforms, wide-ranging tools, and advanced customization options. While Adobe Photoshop excels in many areas, I find the program to be lacking in its ability to edit pictures quickly; it is for this reason I chose GIMP for all of my product and service image editing.

Online HTML Editor This website solves many of the struggles with coding in a simple to use website. It is by far my favorite tool, offering real-time HTML, CSS, and JS editing, cleaning, compressing, and formatting, all performed in your browser. Give it a try; I promise you will not be disappointed.

Grammarly I have reviewed this product in the past, available here. Grammarly is an advanced writing assistant program that can help you take your writing to the next level. Grammarly is available on browsers, Word documents, mobile devices, etc. Using it can ensure you never make an embarrassing spelling mistake in a company memo or even in a text message.

Slack- With this website, you can hire new employees, work with others, start projects with the help of an entire professional community, and even facilitate app integrations, thus providing you the visibility required when dealing with the technical difficulties that will no doubt occur. For example, if you don’t have a coder in your company, you can use slack to hire one for the project, remotely.

Solid Commerce- Another product I have reviewed before, available here, is Solid Commerce. Creating, managing, and tracking online sales can be quite the pain, primarily due to how many different channels there are, such as eBay and Amazon. Solid Commerce turns this daunting task into a simple and effective all-in-one platform that provides detailed sales metrics, company growth statistics, and in-depth analytics.

Google Docs- I’m sure most of you already use Google’s products, but I wanted to discuss just how brilliant I find Google Docs specifically. Applying tech to streamline all sections of a business is something I am focusing on as of late, and Google Docs allows me to excel at this. By just creating a Google Doc that combines all of the steps involved in say, creating a new product listing, a new employee can merely follow the steps, reducing training time and ensuring that the job gets done the right way. With Google Doc’s customization and styling tools, a mere paragraph of tedious instructions can turn into a program, of some sorts, without creating a single line of code.

Spiceworks- Running an IT department or keeping up with its operations can be a headache, especially when you are not at your desk when an issue arises. However, with Spiceworks mobile app, in conjunction with its desktop module, you can always stay up to date with all network activities, problems, open-tickets, and even lets you track user details and contact information. Combing this with the ability to talk to other experts in the field, Spiceworks is a must for any IT professional.


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