Facebook’s Cybersecurity Search

glen-carrie-773789-unsplash.jpgDue to the recent Facebook breach where hackers stole around 30 million access tokens, many are now wondering what will be done to prevent further attacks. Clearly, Facebook needs help securing its systems, and for having one of the largest collections of personal information out there, it seems that this necessity is quite an understatement. Although this happened almost a month ago, those who wish to see if their account was compromised can still do so by visiting the following link.

Per Reed Albergotti and Sarah Kuranda of The Information, Facebook is reportedly searching for cybersecurity help but are doing so in the style of any giant cooperation, by merely purchasing a cybersecurity firm. Multiple firms have already been allegedly approached, and this deal would serve as both a PR move as well as a much-needed addition to the social network powerhouse.

This action, although a tad too late, is an excellent step forward for Facebook to prevent further breaches in the future. Hopefully, this move, along with Facebook’s focus on eliminating fake news, can ensure that the massive social network is more secure and accurate, now and into the future.


Albergotti, Reed. Kuranda, Sarah. The Information. 21 Oct 2018. Retrieved from

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