Review: Amazon Echo Dot

andres-urena-470137-unsplash.jpgAs a lover of smart gadgets, I recently added an Amazon Echo Dot to my home and wanted to give my thoughts on this useful device. I selected this version due to its smaller size and the fact that it features an aux-out jack. I’ve had the product for a few months now and it has been very beneficial to me. As soon as I enter the house, I give a simple instruction for Alexa to play a certain Pandora station depending on my mood and can then even use it to call and answer phone calls as I clean or write. The range and functionality of the device’s microphone and voice recognition software are awe-inspiring, aside from having to repeat a question every now and then. This brings me to my favorite feature; being able to ask and receive answers to the many questions I have all day, instead of looking something up on my phone or computer, is as useful as it is enjoyable. This offers unapparelled productivity and increased happiness as I can control the ambiance of the room through music and even has smart-home connections to control lighting and temperature. From a geek’s point of view, I am one step closer to feeling like I am in walking onto the bridge of a spaceship.

The only complaints I have about the product are things I knew before purchase, such as the size of the device. Compared to the Amazon Echo, the size of the Dot is much smaller, thus reducing sound level and quality. However, since my device is always connected via Bluetooth to a soundbar, this issue does not impact anything for me. Also, as I am an individual who has a great interest in personal privacy and security, the fact that I may have essentially installed a listening device into my own home can be quite troublesome, although I do not believe most of the hype from the Internet about this product (I don’t wear a tinfoil hat). My girlfriend Zoe, on the other hand, does not like this device one bit. Apparently, asking another woman, virtual or not, a question that Zoe can probably answer can be annoying for her; honestly, I can see her point.

Overall, I am pleased with the product and have found it to positively impact my career and personal time; I can get more done, at a faster rate, as well as brighten my mood as I do so. As a music lover, I immerse myself with songs as much as I can and this device allows me to do so as soon as I enter my residence. Coming in at only $49.99, this product is well worth every penny.  Alexa also has some very humorous answers to many questions and even has a few games to play.  Even with the somewhat annoyed girlfriend, I can make her feel better by asking Alexa to lower the lights, play some romantic music, and even order some food via my Echo Dot. Technology, my friends, it can change everything.

Feel free to check out the Amazon Echo Dot here. Thanks for reading!

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