Torque Engine Performance and Diagnostic Tool App- Review


Having a passion for both cars and technology, I figured I would make a post about a product I have used in the past and come to love, the Torque Engine Performance and Diagnostic Tool app. For those interested in performance modifications or even basic diagnostics, having an accurate display of what is happening is crucial. While the original gauges on your vehicle can provide some information, they can be inaccurate, as well as not cover the wide variety of parameters that pricier third-party systems can allow. On many modern cars, such as my current 2016 Subaru WRX STI, many gear-heads spend hundreds of dollars on an Accessport Tuner, which can provide real-time information, such as boost and engine temperatures, as well as increase the performance of the car via a more aggressive tune. For my car, the COBB Accesport Tuner is a must for many who wish to gain more power and allow for more information to be collected. However, at around $500, it is an expensive purchase.

While COBB’s tuner is quite amazing, there is another option if one decides they want to know more about what is really happening inside their engine. The Torque Engine Performance and Diagnostic Tool is an application that you can download on a mobile device with both a free and paid version. Some of the features of this app are real-time horsepower (HP) and torque calculations, transmission temps, customizable dashboards and profiles, CO2 emissions readouts, boost levels, oil temperatures, and many more. While you can not increase performance with the app such as with an expensive tuner, you can still benefit from all of the other features.

To get the Torque app working, simply download it on a mobile device such as a phone or tablet, connect a very inexpensive OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter that can be found on eBay or other websites for under $10, and then just set up the parameters and gauges you wish to use. It is easy as that! For under $15, (the paid version of the more advanced Torque app is $5), you can have a wide range of performance and maintenance information at your fingertips. Did I mention that you can also view and clear fault codes? Feel free to check out the product on their website listed below, or in the Google Play store.

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