Google’s AI and ML: Creating New Ways to Combat Floods and Disease in India


Google just announced that they are applying their technologies such as machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to the daunting task of improving natural disaster response times and revolutionizing healthcare. As these are two areas that are currently in dire need of attention with the increasing severity of weather and issues with providing health care to those who cannot afford it, this news shines a little light in the often quite dark, news world. By creating an AI system that accurately predicts situations that can cause floods and provide guidance on how to minimize damage, this is a prime example of how technology can literally save lives. This system was tested earlier this year with India’s Ministry of Water Resources and it was reported that the results were very helpful, as flooding in India has been devastating this year. Since the first pilot test was a success, Google plans to spread the system’s use to other parts of the country.

Google also implemented SOS alerts on Google Search to aid this cause; this service records all emergency/response numbers during disaster situations, which provides enhanced communication and accountability of personnel and equipment. Person Finder, another new service from Google, utilizes a personnel database to allow users to search and monitor their family and friends during natural disasters, all while using Google Maps. Additionally, by partnering with organizations in India, Google’s AI and ML are facilitating the effort to detect diseases such as diabetic retinopathy (DR), which often leads to blindness and additional risks for diabetics. By using these new areas of technology, Google is creating a great example of how AI and ML can protect their users in a wide range of possible afflictions and disaster scenarios. Hopefully, more companies will follow their lead and apply their technological advances to heal the world and its population.


Google To Employ Ai To Tackle Floods, Diseases. Gadgets Now. Gadgets Bureau. Retrieved from

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