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All John Smith Law Firm Employees




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Basic mobile device use and operations

Attention all employees of John Smith Law Firm, there have been questions asked recently regarding how to properly connect a wireless device to the company’s Wi-Fi as well as basic troubleshooting questions regarding their use. I have created this memo to help answer these questions.

First, we use a Wi-Fi system in our office, which uses a wireless router to spread the signal to the entire building. Many devices we use require the Internet, such as our computers, cellular phones, security cameras, and smart televisions.

The wireless network that we use is named “John Smith Law Private” and can be accessed by all authorized personnel. To use this network, you must visit the IT department to be registered and given a password. This password, along with your username, will grant you access to the company’s Wi-Fi.


For Apple devices such as iPhones and iPads, you must go to your device’s wireless settings by tapping on the “settings” icon on the home screen and then select Wi-Fi. From here, you will select our company’s Wi-Fi network, “John Smith Law Private” and then enter your username and password that was issued to you.


For Android devices, you must access the Wi-Fi settings by tapping on the settings button as well, and then select the Wi-Fi icon. This can also generally be accessed from the notification bar or pop-up menu.  From here, you will choose our company’s Wi-Fi network, “John Smith Law Private” and then enter your username and password that was issued to you.


In Windows, the available wireless networks are visible by the icon on the bottom left of the screen. From here, you should see a list of networks and will then need to simply select our company’s Wi-Fi network, “John Smith Law Private” and then enter your username and password that was issued to you.

Common Problems and Their Solutions

Wi-Fi can be turned off on your wireless device and if it is off, that device will not be able to connect. This setting will usually be in the same place that selecting the settings button and then Wi-Fi icon gets you. Make sure this is done first.

If the wireless router is not powered on or somebody steps on the plug and disconnects it, the Wi-Fi network will be down. To fix this, simply plugging it back in will be sufficient.

For most wireless router problems, resetting the router should be the first thing you do after you prove that the router and not your device is to blame. The router we use features a reset button that you must use a pen to operate as it recessed to prevent accidental use. One can also unplug the router and plug it back in, just make sure you wait around 10 seconds in between so the device can entirely be shut down.

If you do not see the “John Smith Law Private” network on your device, you are most likely out of range, or your position in the office might be affecting the reception of the network. A wall with a lot of metal in it, for example, can block these signals. If none of this works, the router should be reset. If that too fails to fix your problem, the wireless router might need to be adjusted. If this happens contact either myself or the IT department for help.

While all of this might sound confusing, once you connect your wireless device to the network, you shouldn’t have to do it again as it saves this information and automatically connects to it. When in doubt, feel free to ask either the IT department or me for help. Thank you for your time.

John Smith Law Firm

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