How to Install an Optical Drive on a Computer

            Due to the rising popularity of streamable or downloadable content, optical drives are now less crucial to have but are still very useful. The majority of the computer cases currently on the market are designed to let you add new hardware without even a screwdriver, so the process is relatively simple. First, you must open a 5.25-inch drive bay by popping off the bays cover. Next, instead of removing screws, just remove the plastic brackets that hold the drive by turning the “dial” on the bracket until the ridge is horizontal, then lift it off. Now, we can insert the optical drive by orienting it, so its SATA data and power ports are facing the inside of the PC; slide in the drive until the front bezel is flush against the case’s front panel. Make sure you remember to replace the plastic by aligning the retention bracket with the holes in the drive. If you have the thumbscrew style, these spring-loaded screws are easy to use, and installation is basically the same, just without brackets.
If you are unfortunate enough to have to install the drive in a non-tool-free bay, don’t worry; having to actually unscrew the screws takes longer, but installation is pretty much the same. After the optical drive is secure, it needs to be connected for power and data communication using 2 different SATA cables: data and power. The SATA power cable comes from your power supply and has a small black plug that needs to be inserted into your optical drive. Next, the SATA data cable needs to be connected to your optical drive and motherboard using the L-shaped connector. Master or slave is determined by the drives position on the cable.
Most IDE cables have 3 connectors, one in the middle and one at either end. If they are colored, one is blue, one is grey, and one is black. The device at the end of the cable is black and the master, the middle is grey and the slave, and the one at the end for the motherboard is blue. If there is only 1 device on the cable it must be master. Overall, it is a pretty straightforward install. Feel free to check out the link below for more info.
“How to Install an Optical Drive.” Matthew Murray. PC Mag. 
Pcmag.com. Web. 08 Oct 2012. 10 April 2017.


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