Utilizing the System Information Tool


Description of Microsoft System Information Tool
·         Windows 98 Introduced a tool called the Microsoft System Information Tool, also known as Msinfo32.exe
·         This tool is used to gather information, diagnose issues, and access other tools available
What does the Microsoft System Information Tool do?
·         By collecting information, this tool can see which devices are installed and loaded into your computer
·         Provides a menu for showing associated system topics
·         Diagnose computer issues
How to Access it- Method 1
·         You can access the System Information tool by clicking Start, then pointing to Programs, then pointing to Accessories, then pointing to System Tools, and then by finally clicking System Information
How to Access it- Method 2
·         You can also access the System Information tool by clicking Start, then clicking RUN, and then by typing “msinfo32.exe” in the open box. Finally, simply click OK
·         When using this method, you can also specify a .cab file, which was generated by the Windows Report tool
Information included- Categories
·         The information shown in Microsoft System Information is separated into 3 categories-
Hardware Resources
Software Environment
System Information
·         This sub-category shows a general profile of your computer, and includes information such as-
Version of Windows
Version of Internet Explorer
Type of CPU
Amount of memory and resources
File systems
Hardware Resources
·         This category shows information related to hardware, such as-
Used or assigned IRQs
I/O addresses
Memory Addresses
Sub-categories of Hardware resources
·         There are numerous sub-categories in the Hardware Resources category, such as-
Forced hardware
Components Category
·         This category shows information about your Windows configuration, such as-
Status of device drivers
Multimedia software
Network components
Driver history
Faulty devices
Components category- sub-categories
·         There are several sub-categories in the Components category, such as-
Software Environment
·         This category displays software installed in your computer’s memory, such as-
16, 32-bit modules
Running Tasks
Startup Programs
System Hooks
OLE registration/INI, registry
·         Helpful programs available with the Microsoft system information tool
Windows Report Tool
Update Wizard Uninstall
System File Checker
Signature Verification Tool
Registry Checker
Automatic Skip Driver Agent
System Configuration Utility
Version Conflict Manager
Final thoughts
The Windows System Information tool can be a great help when troubleshooting issues with your computer. By fully understanding what this tool is, how it works, and most importantly, how and when to use it, you can be a step ahead of any potential problems you might encounter
·         References
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