Review of Video Review for GEIST OpenGate Room Smart Fan System



This video, “Small Server Room Cooling” by “Eli The Computer Guy” and many others like it are an excellent resource for any individual who has an interest in IT. I learned several things about this video, which I could tell will directly help me in my career. The video’s review of the GEIST OpenGate Room Smart Fan System was very detailed and enlightening. Keeping electrical equipment, especially servers, in proper environments is crucial to maintaining a high performing network. Keeping this equipment in appropriate temperatures can be very troublesome as hot air is generated, dust and debris can build up, and the rooms in which this equipment is kept can be poorly ventilated and cramped.
The GEIST OpenGate Room Smart Fan System can accomplish many of these tasks by providing an intelligent cooling system that can be easily installed and operated. If I ever find myself in a situation where the place I work uses a small, not-ventilated closet for a server room, I will suggest we use something like this cooling system. Setting up a server room’s cooling system is entirely different than with a typical storage room because servers can produce significantly more heat and need enhanced security; keeping a watchful eye on servers using cameras is much more critical than with a typical room. Additionally, if the servers are in a rack format, proper intake and outtake airflow needs be created, just as appropriate intake and outtake airflow into and out of the room must be accomplished.
I also found the part of the video where questions were answered to be very helpful. Using roaming profiles can be quite useful since you can gain access to your account on any computer you use, however, using roaming profiles on laptops in unnecessary and be unsafe. I enjoyed the question about how to connect separate buildings. Eli’s suggestions for simply using Cat5 cables to connect them, whether underground using trenches or suspended in air, can save a significant amount of money compared to running T1 lines. Alternatively, using wireless access points or a VPN tunnel would also work. Overall, I found this video to be a great help in strengthening my knowledge of real-world applications of IT practices and felt that the GEIST OpenGate Room Smart Fan System is a phenomenal product.
Eli the Computer Guy. (2014, October 29). Small Server Room Cooling. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wN1zDy68Fb8.

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