Help desk professionals should be well versed in a wide range of storage methods, especially Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Direct Attached Storage (DAS) devices. Deciding which storage method works best comes down to a few things; the type of data that will be stored, usage pattern, budget, and scaling concerns. A NAS (Network-Attached-Storage) is a type of dedicated storage devices that provides Internet-connected storage capabilities. They are configured and operated through a browser utility program, and each NAS has its own IP address. These types of storage devices offer the ability for multiple users to connect to and share files with one another, through a centralized location. Users can also access the storage remotely. NAS devices are like Cloud storage, as the data can be uploaded and accessed from anywhere. It is essential to help desk professionals to know what a NAS is and how to troubleshoot it, as NAS devices are becoming increasingly popular. Many businesses and homes use these devices, so being able to address incoming help desk work orders is crucial to becoming a useful help desk professional.
Direct Attached Storage (DAS) on the other hand, is storage that is directly connected to a host, rather than using a network. This storage is not accessible to other computers and can provide users with better performance than networked storage. It is crucial for help desk professionals to know DAS as well, as DAS is often used with applications that require high performance. Microsoft Exchange, for example, is recommended to use with DAS. If a help desk professional does not know what NAS and DAS are, and more importantly, not know how to troubleshoot them, they will be unable to diagnose and answer questions based on these storage methods. Data storage is a significant part of any network and is confident in its operations is needed. Not having the knowledge of proper data storage can cause data corruption or loss, increased costs due to replacing equipment, and even increased risks of hacking and being affected by malicious content. Help desk professionals should also know how to incorporate both NAS and DAS devices as they both have their benefits in certain situations. Becoming and remaining a skilled helpdesk professional involves the constant task of learning new practices and technology as they come out, and as we all know with technology, it changes daily.
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