Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA) Installation and Report


I was amazed at how easy this program was to install and operate. I had no problems finding the program, installing, or running it. I was especially impressed with the fact that it was free! Overall, the results of my security scan were as expected; some of my passwords are set to not expire or are classified as weak. Thanks to this scan, I have now updated all of my passwords as well as modified when they expire. I also noticed that a software update was not completed. I believe this was due to an issue I had with the recent Windows Fall Creator Package update giving me problems, which led me to reset my Windows by performing a fresh install. I will now restart my computer and attempt to re-download the failed update in question. This tool was beneficial in allowing me to simply see how my computer’s security is configured and more importantly, guide me on how to make the proper changes. Thanks to tools such as MBSA, users at home or in a professional setting, can be aware of what is happening with their computers and have a greater chance of preventing issues and security breaches.


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