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Example of Memo Regarding Fault Tolerance


The following memo is for a situation where a company’s owner asks for some quick info regarding how he can Implement Fault Tolerance at his company and why it is important.


Michael Scott


William Donaldson, Network Administrator, WDtech




Implementing Fault Tolerance
Hello Michael Scott, per your request, I have compiled some information regarding how implementing a fault-tolerant system and network at your business will greatly benefit you by creating enhanced stability and performance and eliminate any single points of failure. Problems can arise from natural or unnatural causes at any time; protecting against power surges, power outages, loss of data, malicious attacks, and faulty devices is necessary to ensure your company’s information and daily operations are safeguarded. One of my first recommendations is to use redundant power supplies and surge protectors. Having to stop operations, losing data due to a power failure, or suffering from a power surge can result in a massive drop in income and even create the need to replace various expensive components of your network. Next, by using a RAID system, which is merely using multiple hard disks instead of one, all your company’s info will not have the potential to be an I/O bottleneck. I would recommend RAID-5, as it provides a great balance of speed and fault tolerance as well as being cost-efficient. Another critical part would be creating a detailed Network Disaster Recovery Plan. This should be a thorough list of possible events that can occur such as severe weather or power outages and more importantly, how your employees should act as per the situation. These plans should be practiced on a regular basis. Next, a system should be introduced to update antivirus, antimalware, maintain and fix network devices, as well as an upgrade to new models. Finally, training your employees on proper network usage and maintenance will provide a higher level of protection against potential problems. I hope this information helps convince you that implementing a fault-tolerant system is not only necessary but highly favored for a company such as “The Old Mineshaft.” If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at WDtech.com or at 402-909-2621. Thank you for your time.
William Donaldson, Network Administrator, WDtech.

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