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Example of Memo Explaining Cloud Bursting




Dear John Smith, CEO of Tech World Inc.,

            Per your request, I have compiled some information regarding what Cloud Bursting is, how it affects our company, and how we can prevent its potentially harmful effects. Cloud Bursting is defined as when our company runs out of computing resources and then must “burst” the additional workload to an external cloud on an on-demand basis. The majority of our company’s workload relies on our internal private cloud, whereas this “burst” of resources is handled in an external, or public cloud. The reason this becomes a problem is that using this external public cloud is charged in a pay-per-use manner. This can create very high costs when used and can create performance issues.
            A more natural way of eliminating this from occurring would be for our company to switch to a hybrid cloud model- a mixture of both private and public clouds, so we can gain the benefits of each specific cloud model and thus balance the workload. This hybrid cloud setup would allow our cloud to expand for higher demanding workloads, and then scale itself back when possible. This can potentially enable limit-free resources; however, it can be quite complicated.
            A high level of automation is required, which needs to monitor and control the relationship between the current workload and available resources in the cloud. There can be latency issues as well, which can lead to slow applications. Bursting must also be planned in advance so that the number of resources that could possibly be needed during a demanding workload can be accounted for. The times of possible demanding workloads, such as holidays, needs to be addressed. Our company, for example, sees a very large workload on Black Friday of every year. Instead of purchasing new devices or a more significant amount of year-round cloud resources to handle that one day, we can implement a hybrid cloud that allows us to increase resources for that single day.
            This can all be confusing and the only way to get a better understanding of if our company needs this change, what this change would entail, as well as how our company would benefit from it, a detailed examination of our company’s resources, workloads, equipment, as well as our contracts with our cloud providers needs to be performed. This can all be done by myself and my team quickly and efficiently. If you wish to know more about this subject or want to proceed with the next step of the process of reevaluating our cloud needs, please let me know. Thank you for your time.
            William Donaldson, Systems Administrator, Will’s Tech World, Inc.

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