Operating Systems/Programming

Custom Multi-factor Authentication System



If you had to come up with a new biometric authentication system, what would you use?  Keep in mind, fingerprints and retina/iris scans are already being used.  If you can’t come up with another one, think of one you have seen in a movie or in a publication that isn’t generally used but has promise.  How well would it work?  What are the limitations of your suggestion?              
I would use a combination of an RFID chip implanted into the wrist, which will allow access to the breath scanner, which would allow access into the retinal scanner, and finally giving access to a 10-digit pin that must be entered in a certain amount of time. I would also add a system that continuously checks which programs/websites are being accessed, and over time, develop a commonly used program/website list. Any significant computer use outside of these typically used websites would lock the computer. Also, while on the computer, the RFID chip would continually be recognized by the scanner, thus continuing to allow access. You could also include a weight sensor on the desk chair, which is permanently secured at each workstation. Any immediate weight change of the employee would start the login process again. Gradual weight gain of an employee would be accounted for.
While this would be a ridiculous login ritual, it would be a complicated multi-factor authentication system that would actively deter unauthorized access. The implanted RFID chip would obviously not me favored by many, however, for a high paying government job which deals with sensitive information, I believe it would be worth it for the employee to do it.

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