CCNA Certification


A CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certification is one of the most valued IT certifications one can acquire. Obtaining a CCNA benefit the employee who receives it by attaining numerous valuable skills and grants them access to higher-paying jobs. A CCNA validates one’s ability to comprehend, configure, operate, and troubleshoot switched and routed-networks. It also shows that one understands remote site connections using WAN. A CCNA lets a company know that that individual is skilled in the field of Cisco networking. Having the letters CCNA follow your name in a resume greatly increases one’s chances of being hired or promoted. CCNA is also a prerequisite for many other Cisco certifications such as CCNA Voice, CCNA Wireless, and CCNA Security. Obtaining a CCNA demonstrates that an individual is a well-versed network engineer who can handle many current technologies and practices involved in Cisco networking. CCNA also allows an individual to obtain multiple different job positions such as an IT support, network technician, and a network engineer.

            Although there are many benefits gained from obtaining a CCNA certification, the exam itself can be quite challenging. CCNA covers a magnitude of information (many of the CCNA test-prep books are enormous). The authorized Cisco CCNA course itself is a 10-day long event, and many who take it still need to study for a significant amount of time afterward just to feel comfortable. Another potentially difficult aspect of obtaining a CCNA certification is the cost of preparing for it. Classes can cost in the thousands of dollars, and the books needed are pricey as well. Even after all of this is purchased, the test itself is expensive as well. Regarding the actual exam, many of the questions have multiple correct answers and thus require the test taker to know the best one.
While this all sounds stressful and frightening, it is important to remember what obtaining the CCNA will do for one’s career. Accessing higher-level jobs, pay raises, and the ability to switch into many different IT fields are all worth the hassle. Companies seek out those with certifications such as the CCNA above candidates who don’t have them. There is no better way to demonstrate that one knows how to perform a job well than having a certification in a related field. The CCNA certification, although difficult, can open many opportunities and help one progress into a highly lucrative job in the IT field.
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