Assessing Applications Viable for Using with Cloud Computing



It is critical to assess if applications are suitable for cloud computing, as there are many variations of applications and cloud models. If this assessment is not performed, there might be little to no efficiency and productivity gain with the switch. While many businesses are switching to cloud computing, it is important to note that some applications are born on the cloud, and others are merely relocated to it. When determining if an application is suitable for a cloud, several areas need attention. Cloud is by far the best choice for testing and development, offering low operation costs and quick prototyping. Social media applications are an ideal candidate for it as well, as cloud gives it the seamless interaction across multiple social media platforms. Desktop Recovery as a Service is a rising star among companies, as data can be backed up on secured cloud environments, rather than issue-riddled on-site storage.
However, multiple applications are not suitable for cloud use. When there are concerns about sensitive information and privacy, cloud computing can cause legal issues. Also, some governments will not allow a cloud provider to host its citizen’s health information outside the country’s borders. While many organizations are centered around a specific hardware, driver, or chip type, this may cause issues in the cloud’s infrastructure. RDBMS (Large Enterprise Relational Database Management Systems) are not ready for the cloud environment. Performance and latency of cloud computing simply will not be enough to handle such an extensive database. The cost would be immense as well. If a company needs detailed infrastructure control for its application, only a private cloud, not private, would be ideal. Another area to watch is compatibility. Integration and compatibility can become a significant problem when migrating to a cloud environment. Finally, since cloud computing relies on the Internet, latency and low Internet speeds can become a major bottleneck for cloud applications. When deciding which applications are cloud-ready, it is crucial to identifying and understanding the specific areas that cloud computing excels at, and also performs poorly.  
Hossain, Shamim. (2012). IBM. Clouduitability: Suitability assessment of applications in the cloud. Retrieved from

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