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Example of a Security Plan Company Memo


As many of us who work in IT know, communication is key. Although us tech nerds can be perceived as having poor social skills, thankfully, technology allows us to communicate via text, or in this case, an example of an office memo for an upcoming IT Security Plan. 

Will’s Tech World Inc.

Employees of Will’s Tech World Inc.
William Donaldson
Proposed Security Plan
Dear Will’s Tech World Inc. employees,
            Due to recent security events, I have compiled an advanced security plan for IT operations at our company. Let me start off by explaining why we need this. Unauthorized access, cyber-attacks, and information breaches are ubiquitous in today’s world. While many only think of a hacker as someone who is sitting at their computer trying to breach security at our company, there are many other variations. Merely leaving a terminal unlocked, using weak passwords, letting someone without a badge enter our facility, and even taking company data out of the workplace are all methods where our company can be taken advantage of. Although the IT team at Will’s Tech World Inc. does an excellent job with our security, several suggestions can make it perform better. First, keeping our system, network, firewall, and intrusion/antivirus/antimalware protection up to date is the primary defensive barrier. Since we recently had an issue with an employee starting a Window’s update during normal working hours, thus causing downtime, this action will henceforth only be performed by IT team members. Granting and removing the system and network access to individuals who are assigned to specific security tiers can lessen the number of individuals who have access to sensitive material as well as increase accountability. For example, a janitor does not need access to view our company’s banking information. Additionally, using and saving system logs can let the IT team know when people log in, log out, what they access, and what they try to change. For the rest of the employees of Will’s Tech World Inc., apart from the IT team, there are several things you can do to increase the security of our company’s network. We will now be requiring all passwords to be 9 characters long and consist of 3 special characters. These passwords will also be renewed every 90 days. Access to our building currently is performed by using proximity ID cards and is protected by our security guards and cameras. We have noticed several employees letting coworkers into the building, for example, when the other person is carrying items. While this is a kind action, it is crucial that every person who enters the building use their own ID card; the security guards will now be enforcing this. Finally, a new system to monitor and assign company computers, tablets, and cell phones will be created to more accurately control what devices are in use and being taken off-premises. Personal devices such as laptops, computers, and tablets will not be allowed into the building to reduce the chances of taking sensitive company data off-premises. While these new changes can be intimidating, there will now be mandatory security meetings for all Tech World Inc. employees every 90 days, which will coincide with the password reset days. During these meetings, the IT team will lead discussions on these new and improved security practices. Thank you for your time, and more information will come shortly. If you have any questions, please contact either myself, William Donaldson, IT Lead, at WDonaldson@willstechworld.com or the IT team at ITdept@willstechworld.com.
William Donaldson, IT Lead

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