Optimal Environments for Server Rooms and Data Centers



When it comes to the environments where server room equipment and data centers are stored, the location itself is just as important as the actual hardware. All electrical equipment works best in certain conditions and factors such as ambient room humidity, room temperature, the HVAC system, rack level intake and outtake temperature, and water sensors play a significant role in the performance and reliability of servers and data centers. Humidity can severely damage electrical equipment, and the ideal range to keep server rooms and data centers is around 40%-60% rH. Each room’s temperatures should be kept around 18-27*C to help reduce the heat that servers and other equipment produce.
Ensuring that these parameters are maintained can be accomplished through sensors placed in the rooms. These sensors should keep a running indication of the temperature and humidity of the room, servers, and racks. They should also provide alerts when the humidity levels or temperature get too high or low. Airflow is another area that needs attention, especially when dealing with server racks. Proper intake and outtake temperatures need to be maintained using proper airflow and sensor placement.
Besides environmental factors, security of server rooms is another crucial part of designing a server room or data center. They should be locked and monitored using video cameras, and events such as fires should be well planned. By automatically locking, creating an air-tight seal in the room, and then spraying a flame-retardant spray, the room can be safeguarded from fire damage. It is important to note that the proper type of fire suppression system should be used to avoid damaging the electrical equipment. Gas based systems such as the FM200 are quite effective. By following these steps, creating and maintaining an effective and secure data center or server room should be quite simple, saving time and money.


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