Tips for Data Storage Management



          When it comes to data storage, there are numerous things one can do to improve how data is stored, accessed, and managed. To help guide your data storage decisions, it is recommended to ask yourself a few questions. Some of these questions include how secure does the data need to be, how quickly does the data need to be accessed, how soon does the data need to be restored if lost, how long the data needs to be stored, and what requirements such as security or regulations need to be adhered to? Simple knowing what type of data that is being stored is one of the first steps in maintaining a high performing data storage method.
Understanding the necessary security of your data should be the next step. If you work for a company dealing with sensitive material, you should ensure that the highest security settings and proper compliances are applied to your data. A tiered storage approach is also very beneficial. By using the fastest storage methods available to you such as SSD for active use and then implementing cheaper storage methods such as the cloud for backups, a significant amount of money can be saved. Additionally, choosing the right storage provider is very important as there are often many viable storage solutions one can choose.
Selecting a provider that has an excellent technical support team is crucial in maintaining a great storage solution. Above all, a well-thought-out disaster recovery plan should be developed to decrease the likelihood of data loss. Multiple backup methods should be created and tested often. By following these suggestions, you can be well on your way to an excellent storage solution.
Schiff, Jennifer. (2013). 14 Things You Need to Know About Data Storage Management. Retrieved from https://www.cio.com/article/2382585/virtualization/14-things-you-need-to-know-about-data-storage-management.html.




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