Removable Storage Media


As we are nearing the holiday season, many of us are busy buying gifts and traveling. For those like myself who need to keep their devices and data with them while traveling, removable storage is our best friends. Removable storage, or any data storage which is not built into a computer itself, can take many forms such as USB drives, CD’s, external hard drives, and even ancient floppy disks. These types of storage work well for backing up a computer’s data as well. Being able to easily transfer data enables a user to not have to transport their entire computer with them, saving time and energy. Flash drives and external hard drive can store a tremendous amount of data and are widely used today.
Ensuring proper security practices with removable storage is very important as they can be an easy method of unauthorized data retrieval from unauthorized personnel. Viruses and other forms of malware can also be installed on flash drives and installed into a computer with ease. It is important to understand your company’s policies on removable storage as taking sensitive or privileged information from your workplace is generally not desired. However, if you are like myself in that I will be busy doing work while everyone is opening presents, it is important to have your data with you, even while you are not home. It is also very useful to have all of your Xbox games on an external hard drive as we all know how quickly the Xbox’s internal memory can be filled! Happy holidays!



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