PC Maintenance Tips



            Even the most powerful gaming PCs need both constant and proper maintenance to ensure they are performing well. There are several things one can do to accomplish this that are fast and easy to perform. One of the most significant involves keeping your system up-to-date with patches. Windows patches, for example, are released often and offer many improvements to your current software. These patches can be downloaded and implemented automatically by using the Microsoft Update tool.

Another area that needs regular attention is your PC’s spyware and antivirus programs. It is essential to get the necessary programs and keep them updated as new malware and viruses come out every day. Your PC should be scanned often as well for any malicious items and registry problems. Windows offers their own protection. However, there are also great third-party programs such as Malware Anti-Malware and CCleaner, that are highly-rated.

This is an excellent time to talk about proper internet etiquette, such as not downloading files and programs from questionable sources. Every day we encounter these types of situations for many of us, and while it may seem obvious to not open an email from a person claiming to want to give you a million dollars, it is common to make mistakes. Next, clearing your PC of unnecessary programs and files in an easy way to free memory, de-clutter, and make your computer run faster. Junk files such as cookies get stored into your computer and take up valuable resources, and without proper maintenance, your computer will be running sluggishly in no-time. All the above suggestions should be introduced into your PC’s maintenance schedule and strictly enforced. Thanks for reading, and happy gaming!

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