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5G- The Future is Now

5G, or Fifth-Generation Cellular Wireless, is the next major wireless internet upgrade. Offering greater speed, reach, and responsiveness, 5G is nothing short of a technological revolution. While this all sounds exciting, there are several questions I have regarding this new technology, such as; what exactly is it, what […]

IPv4 vs. IPv6

             Since IPv4 was running out of available computer addresses, IPv6 was introduced. IPv4 employs 32-bits of digits, so there is a maximum of 4.3 billion possible addresses. While this seems like a large amount, every computer, printer, PlayStation, and even soda machines […]

Transmission Control Protocol

  The Transmission Control Protocol(TCP) provides the means for connection-oriented communication in networks that utilizes the TCP/IP protocol suite. It is the most common type of session on a typical network and is designed to check for errors. TCP is very reliable and guarantees that delivery packets will be […]