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IPv4 vs. IPv6

             Since IPv4 was running out of available computer addresses, IPv6 was introduced. IPv4 employs 32-bits of digits, so there is a maximum of 4.3 billion possible addresses. While this seems like a large amount, every computer, printer, PlayStation, and even soda machines […]

The Benefits of IPv6

  What is IPv6 IPv6 addresses use 8 sets of 4 hexadecimal addresses separated by a (:) colon. There are 16-bits in each set. An excellent example of an IPv6 Address would be fe80::2000:aff:fea7:f7c. The /64 bit on the end is from the IPv4 days and is called […]

The Many Benefits of IPv6

                Using IPv6 not only has the advantage of an increased number of usable IT addresses, but it also has several other improvements over the older IPv4. IPv6 offers more efficient routing that allows ISP’s to aggregate their networks’ prefixes into a single prefix and announces it to […]