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Random Thoughts Volume 3: How to Survive Marriage (Like a Tech Pro)



Isn’t this an IT blog? Well, yes..it is. However, whether you are an IT professional always on the job or just a hardcore gamer, you might need the following information. Welcome to “Will’s IT News” Random Thought Volume 3.
Marriage. The word alone strikes fear into the heart of many and honestly shouldn’t be taken lightly. However, I feel that by following three simple steps, a marriage will not only last but will be a fantastic experience for both parties involved. These steps might come off a little strange at first and that is due to the fact I was in a failed 8-year marriage myself and know full well what it takes to make a marriage survive and not suffer the horrific fate that “50%” of couples endure as stated by Brittany Wong from the Huffington Post (Wong, 2014). Although I am a male, I also feel that my guidelines are tailored for everyone. Both parties should always be held responsible for what transpires in their years together. The current generation doesn’t try to fix anything when it’s broken, they just throw it way. Hopefully, these following steps can help an individual have an excellent relationship with his or her significant other, and more importantly…making it last.
The first step is to just realize that one’s own self-importance in their world should be reduced drastically to make room for their spouses. Now that an individual is married there is another person in their life, much more important than him or herself it will seem. Learning to care about one’s spouse more than themselves is crucial because that is how it should be to a certain degree. Some tips are to really listen to an individual’s significant other and take pride in meeting their requirements of what a good spouse should be. Just like computer games, there are system requirements to marriage. Good communication is vital. Both spouses should always be able to know how the other thinks they are doing in the marriage, and not be afraid to tell them. This step is very important because a common failure in marriages is for one to have a hard time adjusting to having someone other than his or herself come first.
The second and equally important step is to learn how to pick battles, something’s just aren’t worth all the fuss. This step is crucial because a fight even about little things can turn into huge arguments. (Any gamer should know how to control their nerd rage, so to speak.) One must carefully navigate a relentless onslaught of arguments and the only sure-fire way to not have these disagreements completely destroy your marriage is to have that individual simply ask him or herself before fighting, “Is this really worth fighting over.” 9/10 times, I’m positive the answer will be no. “Remember no marriage is ideal. Tanith Carey from Daily Mail says it best, “Work out what you can tolerate and what you can’t” (Carey, 2012). Save all the drama for the big wars. Remember if one finds him or herself fighting a lot with their spouse don’t automatically think you have a troubled marriage, remember, spending so much time with anyone will create problems. How one deals with these problems is the important part.
The third and final step may be corny, however crucial for a long and happy marriage. Never give up on each other. Marriage was never meant to be easy. An important tip to do this is to realize how important marriage is and what it really means. This knowledge will increase the effort a person puts into trying to keep it going. Also, know that a married couple will go through many rough patches, but the most important thing to remember is to have faith in one another and to always speak your mind to one another. One cannot work on something that he or she doesn’t know about. Like Mike Potts from Made Man said, “Continuously work on your relationship. Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you no longer need to actively work on improving your relationship” (Potts, 2010). Treat marriage like going to war, because it can be very similar; never give up, never surrender.
Any marriage can last by following these three simple steps. Although it will be difficult, marriage can be endured and even be an enjoyable experience. Remember room must be made in an individual’s life for his or her significant other. If this is hard, they might not be ready. Also, by learning to pick one’s fights can greatly reduce the number of serious arguments and just have simple, friendly disputes with one another. Finally, know how important marriage is to work on and never give up on each other. People do change, however, with good communication, any spouse can know what things he or she doesn’t like about the other and could work on them. By following these guidelines any person should quickly progress from always fighting to fight only for the longevity of his or her marriage. There are no cheat codes in marriage, so study up and win.
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